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What matters most to your employees? We’ll help you to build a culture based on intrinsic motivational values. According to recent research, employees want autonomy, respect, community, recognition, continual learning, connection to the organization’s mission, and a sense that their work has meaningful impact and helps the world in some way.

Organizational values can also guide actions and decisions, drive ethical behaviors and accountability, inspire fairness and trust, embrace diversity and inclusion, and enable high performance for sustainable results.

Our services include:

  • Conduct a culture and climate assessment to gains insights.
  • Conduct interviews and focus groups to gain input, and clarify cultural issues.
  • Develop a strategy for addressing cultural challenges that are impeding optimal performance.
  • Work with organizational leaders to develop and define values that motivate employees and guide desired behaviors. Values should be described in an authentic way so that senior leaders, managers and employees can live them everyday.
  • Build clarity and alignment across the organization.