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Workforce Planning

A strategic workforce plan (SWP) integrates strategic planning, program planning, human resources planning, and budget planning into one comprehensive document that is aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic goals.  

The SWP provides short and long-term workforce strategies for attracting, hiring, rewarding, developing, engaging, and retaining talented employees with essential core and technical competencies.

Our services include:

We’ll partner with organizational leaders, as well as strategic planning, finance, and HR teams, to develop a SWP that incorporates the following workforce planning activities:

  • Collect and analyze workforce data, and translate findings into meaningful visualizations.
  • Conduct supply and demand analysis, and program scenario planning.
  • Conduct gap analysis to identify areas of risk, and possible mitigation strategies.
  • Perform workforce segmentation to identify distinct groups of employees or positions, and design specific HR solutions based on each group’s unique needs and characteristics.
  • Collaborate with service center staff to integrate, pilot, and scale HR solutions for critical talent segments.
  • Develop and recommend metrics to measure the health of workforce segments.
  • Perform environmental scans to detect early signs of opportunities and threats that may influence current and future workforce plans.
  • Prepare executive level reports and presentations to highlight key insights and organizational impact.