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Most government agencies are organized in hierarchical silos containing multiple layers of management. The 21st century workforce requires lean, better-connected, and more agile organizational structures that improve communication and coordination, increase efficiency and effectiveness, support innovation and faster decision-making, and provide a better foundation for staff development, learning, and empowerment.

We can help government leaders to build lean, agile and better-connected organizations that better support mission requirements in the following ways:

  1. Create a vision for improving organizational structures.
  2. With input from staff, HR, and organization leaders, develop organizational options, and identify tools for evaluating and selecting options that align with the vision.
  3. Create new structures that reduce redundancy and provide better connectivity, agility, and synergy between functions.
  4. Obtain input from customers and internal/external stakeholders.
  5. Develop a timeline for implementing or standing-up the new structures.
  6. Create the necessary documentation for supporting reorganization and obtaining approval.
  7. Define positions, develop job descriptions, and create performance plans.
  8. Develop staffing plans and tools for realigning employees or filling new positions.
  9. Remove potential obstacles, and provide the necessary tools to support change.
  10. Communicate with staff, managers, and organization leaders throughout the change process.