With shrinking budgets, downsizing, upsizing or resizing, an aging workforce, and diminishing employee satisfaction, organizations have reached a tipping point for change and renewal. Donna Turnley offers clients transformative HR solutions for creating high-performance organizations.

Featured Services:

Workforce Planning

A strategic workforce plan (SWP) integrates strategic planning, program planning, human resources planning, and budget planning into one comprehensive document that is aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic goals. … Continue Reading Workforce Planning

Change Management

We work with organizational leaders to design and implement change interventions that improve performance at the individual, group, and organization levels, and advance strategic objectives and goals.   Our services include: … Continue Reading Change Management


What matters most to your employees? We’ll help you to build a culture based on intrinsic motivational values. According to recent research, employees want autonomy, respect, community, recognition, continual learning, … Continue Reading Culture


We work with clients to streamline recruitment and hiring processes, enhance the candidate experience, shorten the time it takes to fill positions, and attract, hire and retain key talent. Our … Continue Reading Recruitment

Employee Engagement

Studies show that engaged employees deliver better performance, a critical driver for organization success. Engaged employees are passionate about their work, connected to their supervisors and colleagues, invested in their … Continue Reading Employee Engagement

Core HR

Donna Turnley specializes in developing core HR policies that enhance the employee experience, and are understandable, fair, ethical and legally compliant. These may include a variety of HR topics, such … Continue Reading Core HR


Donna Turnley brings her clients performance management advice, tools, techniques, and processes to help supervisors get the best performance from their employees in support of their organization’s mission and goals. Services … Continue Reading Performance


Most government agencies are organized in hierarchical silos containing multiple layers of management. The 21st century workforce requires lean, better-connected, and more agile organizational structures that improve communication and coordination, … Continue Reading Reorganization